Hospice means life till the end in comfort and with dignity
Project number of the European Commission: MIGR/2010/257-985
“Bridge the gap” – End of life care for terminally ill and elderly people left behind in Moldova and Ukraine
In the framework of the project, a system of high-quality mobile hospice care is being set-up in three regions of Ukraine and Moldova. During the implementation period of the project, 1500 persons at the final stage of their life get access to high-quality care at home. They are being cared for by more than 200 specialists and 300 volunteers, who received special training for this task.
It its our target to care for 40-50 persons per month in each region – for elderly people and persons suffering from cancer. A multi-professional team, consisting of medical doctors, nurses, social workers, multi-denominational pastors and volunteers cares for the patients with the goal to alleviate their pain in the medical, social, psychological and spiritual sense.
Relatives of the clients living abroad may receive access to information about possible ways to organise mobile palliative care for the members of their families, who are in need of support.
In the framework of the project a survey will be done, giving information about the situation of elderly persons, left behind by migration and without care. The survey investigates the needs of these elderly persons to be met to improve the quality of their life at its final stage. After the end of the project, training material will be available, on the basis of which the activities of the project can be continued and multiplied at other places. The participants of the trainings will also be enabled to pass the gained knowledge to other interested organisations and partners.